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Why Do you need it?

       Grow the minds of the kids and teens in your life by giving them the awesome gift of explosions..I mean science.  This isn't your boring science class where you learn definitions..this is hand's on, getting messy, up in your business science that sparks creativity and gets your mind growing"


        Whether you are a parent or trying to find that perfect gift for that brilliant kid in your life, we have the right product for you

        We offer kits for everyone: children learning about colors, teens working the scientific method, and adults looking to continue to grow their mind"


We are growing all the time, be a part of our scientific family!


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trust us:

      We have developed these kits over years of working with kids from elementary to high school.  We have chosen the best equipment so you can do real science.  This isn't a kit to make lip gloss or grow farts (though feel free to do that...).  These are kits to get your mind growing and doing.  To exploring science through the world around you.

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