Chemistry Science Experiments

24+ hours to complete
Requires Alcohol Lamp, Use Precautions!
Brings in Art
Things are going to get messy...
Simple and safe
  • Naked Egg

    Naked Egg

    Explore the inner workings of a developing (non-fertilized) egg by removing the shell.

  • Fireproof Balloon

    Fireproof Balloon

    Learn about how spreading heat across a surface can make it more durable.

  • Test tube lava lamps

    Test tube lava lamps

    The principle of "oil and water don't mix" is intensified by adding in alka seltzer bubbling and food coloring.

  • Testing the density of liquids

    Testing the density of liquids

    Why do some liquids sink and others float? The density of a liquid is impacted by the weight of the molecules and how closely they are packed together.

  • Extracting Fluorescein for Glow-in-the-Dark Fun

    Extracting Fluorescein for Glow-in-the-Dark Fun

    Extract fluorescein from highlighters to use in a variety of beautiful ways.

  • Make Fake Snot

    Make Fake Snot

    Combine simple ingredients to make a polymer that resembles the chemical make-up of snot.

  • Make a Crystal Snowflake

    Make a Crystal Snowflake

    Crystals are made up of molecules arranged in a repeating pattern that extends in all three dimensions. 

  • Make your own pH paper strips

    Make your own pH paper strips

    Anthocyanin is a chemical found in plants such as cabbage, roses, and berries. It will change color based on the presence of an acid or a base.

  • Kinetic Sand

    Kinetic Sand

    Create a sand that is moldable and not (very) messy by combining sand and a chemical known as dimethicone.

  • Make your own gum

    Make your own gum

    Using simple ingredients, make a wad of gum.  The gelatin coagulates with the water to form a ball. No promises that it tastes yummy!

  • Celery Transpiration

    Celery Transpiration

    How do nutrients get all the way from the roots of a plant to the leaves?  Using colored water, we can track these highways in the celery plant.

  • Unbreakable bubbles

    Unbreakable bubbles

    Bubbles are made of three layers. When those layers are reinforced, the bubble is able to live its best life and keep rocking into the night.

  • Make it COLD!

    Make it COLD!

    Adding salt to ice changes the way the newly melted water freezes.

  • Dissolving Packing Peanuts

    Dissolving Packing Peanuts

    Styrofoam will melt into separate long strings when put in acetone. The packing peanuts in your kit are made of styrofoam.

  • Mouse Toothpaste

    Mouse Toothpaste

    This is a safer version of Elephant Toothpaste that can be played with and inspected. See what happens when hydrogen peroxide is helped along its chemical reaction journey by yeast to produce some big foam fun.

  • Rusty Nail Experiment

    Rusty Nail Experiment

    This experiment lets you compare the impact of different liquids on the rate of rust in nails. Which liquid is best at preventing rust?  Which is the worst?

  • Separating Milk to make a Polymer

    Separating Milk to make a Polymer

    Milk is made of many different molecules.  When the protein casein is separated out it can be molded to form a plastic-like polymer.

  • Painting with Chlorophyll

    Painting with Chlorophyll

    Chlorophyll is the green coloring in a leaf which assists in photosynthesis (how plants get their food from the sun).  It can be extracted from a leaf by placing it in a boiling bath of alcohol.

  • Carbon Dioxide Balloon

    Carbon  Dioxide Balloon

    To "see" the carbon dioxide gas that is released during this chemical reaction we use a balloon to capture it.

  • Testing Bacteria Cultures from Different Sources

    Testing Bacteria Cultures from Different Sources

    We'll grow bacteria into large cultures (multiple bacteria cells) to explore the different types of bacteria that live in our world. Get ready to be grossed out!