Our story:

       I did a couple to see which one you liked best.  Same story from different angles. When I was in graduate school, I always wanted to run a science museum.  To be the person who got to set up the exhibits for kids to get into the way science worked. To not learn about it in the traditional sense but to experience it.  While I don't run a museum, coming up with these kits and experiments for kids to grow their mind is pretty darn close.  I feel honored to be able to let you kid explore science by doing.  To make mistakes, get messy and learn a bit along the way.

       We bought this business in 2013 when it was "just setting laboratory equipment".  Once our own son, Charlie, got a bit older, he became obsessed with doing science experiments (which was usually him putting dirt and leaves into a beaker and stirring it...)  This got us thinking: how can we make packaged kits so kids like Charlie can keep growing their minds.  And Keep Experimenting was born! Our motto is "Grow your Mind" because these kits are designed to get you thinking and doing. 


KeepExpLLC@gmail.com  |  Gainesville, FL.

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