Fireproof Balloon


Learn about how spreading heat across a surface can make it more durable.



  • ~20 mL warm water

  • 2 balloons

  • Test tube holder

  • Alcohol burner + lighter


1. Blow up balloon and tie off. Pinch end of balloon knot with test tube holders.

2. Light alcohol burner.

3. Hold balloon to flame and record how long it takes for the balloon to pop.

4. Fill next balloon generously with water, blow up, tie off, and clip to test tube holder.

5. Hold balloon up to flame and record how long it takes to pop.

FireproofBalloon_set up.jpg

The Science Behind the Reaction

The water in the balloon spreads the heat out over a larger surface of the rubber so that the rubber is not broken down by the heat, allowing the balloon to stay intact.

Keep Experimenting!

See if boiling hot water or freezing cold water in the balloon impacts length of time the balloon stays intact.