Make Fake Snot


Combine simple ingredients to make a polymer that resembles the chemical make-up of snot.




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*Note: These chemicals can be purchased locally at stores such as Walmart/Target.

  • Glass beaker

  • Stirring rod

  • Alcohol burner + lighter + stand


1. In glass beaker, mix water and gelatin.

2. Place beaker on alcohol stand and light alcohol lamp.

3. Heat mixture for 5 minutes.

4. Carefully remove beaker from heat (glass will be hot).

5. In glass beaker, add corn syrup and mix with stirring rod. 

6. Use the stirring rod to pull up long polymer strings for inspection.

The Science Behind the Reaction

Real snot is made up of sugars and protein. The fake snot was made up of corn syrup (sugars) and gelatin (proteins).  Different chemicals, same concept.

Keep Experimenting!

Put this polymer under a microscope to view the chains of sugars.  Don't have a microscope? Look online on how to make one using just a laser light.