Make your own gum


Using simple ingredients, make a wad of gum.  The gelatin coagulates with the water to form a ball. No promises that it tastes yummy!


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*Note: These chemicals can be purchased locally at stores such as Walmart/Target.


  • Glass beaker

  • Eye dropper 

  • Stirring rod


Pour gelatin into beaker and use the glass dropper to add one drop of water to center of gelatin.


Wait for water to absorb into a gel, and then add another drop, repeat till you reach ~6 drops.


Use the stirring rod to roll the gel into a ball.


Remove ball with fingers and chew it.


The Science Behind the Reaction

OK, OK, it isn't the tastiest gum you have ever eaten...The gelatin reacts with the water to make a solid-like springy structure.

Keep Experimenting!

On your next round, think about additional ingredients you can add to make your gum tastier.  Possibly some sugar water or cinnamon.