• Everything you need to get started in the exciting world of chemistry
  • All 22 pieces in this popular laboratory kit are high quality and new
  • Booklet explains all items in the kits and provides several experiments, space for writing observations, and recipes
  • Perfect for enhancing a home school curriculum
  • A great gift or fun summer activity for children (or adults!)


Kit Contents

  • 20 experiment cards to carry out unique experiments
  • 250ml beaker, 100ml Erlenmeyer, thermometer, 6 test tubes, glass dropper, stirring rod
  • Poly items for experiments: 50ml beaker, 25ml measuring cylinder, test tube rack
  • Apparatus for heating: Alcohol burner, 30mm metal tripod stand; wire gauze
  • Additional items for experiments: petri dish, dropper bottle, test tube brush for cleaning; test tube clamps for moving hot items; corks for certain test tube experiments, mortar and pestle; nuffield spatula

Chemistry Basic Build